Punch Drunk Love

If you are contemplating if you should see this movie or not the answer is simple: don't. This is easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It is not that the acting is bad or it is technically bad. It is just that the entertainment value is very close to zero, zilch, nothing. That's the basic message. If you want to continue reading, feel free to do so. You will also find a small exception to the rule stated above.

Well, now the story. After contemplating a bit and discussing the issue with a few friends you actually might find something like a red thread. The main male character is easily recognisable by the shining royal blue suit he is wearing. It takes a much larger intellectual effort to detect what he is doing for a living. Anyway, this should not be a major concern here.

Besides the suit our hero has another problem: his close family includes seven sisters trying to mother him. This helps to explain why he is a bit of a psycho sometimes suddenly turning violent against things. Now, one of his sisters tries to set him up with a colleague of hers. And here comes our main female character together with about 45% of the story.

Another 45% of the story is made up around our shiny blue hero calling a phone sex line. The operator chooses to extort some extra money from him. And there are four guys willing to emphasize her claim. Brothers, by the way. What a coincidence. Anybody went to a Kabbala seminar recently?

Add another 10% miscellaneous and learn that the two stories connect. Doesn't sound too bad? Unfortunately it is. This simple story is hidden underneath very disturbing actions on screen. And the major problem: the characters and the setting were just not interesting to me. Not intriguing. Nothing to hold my attention .

Imagine David Lynch. Imagine the obscure crime part of The Big Lebowski. Imagine a love affair with a hint of True Romance. And realize you were thoroughly bored for 95 minutes. What a pity. What makes it even worse is that the film is technically very well done. The acting is generally good. Some shots are really awesome in lighting and colours.

Still, the sorry truth is: it is not entertaining. So you only want to see this movie if you are a moviemaker or a technical movie buff. It might give you some nice ideas. If you spend your money on just having a good time go somewhere else. Anywhere. It can't possibly be worse.

Punkte: 0 von 10